Summer Reading | #businessownerlife

Growing up, I went to a college prep school and summer reading was always a big part of our curriculum. And I'm not talking one measly book - I am talking like at least 5 every summer. I freaking love to read, so I always looked forward to our list each year.

And while I've been out of school for longer than I care to think about, I have pretty steadily kept up the tradition of reading a handful of new books each summer - and revisiting some of my favorites ::cough cough:: Harry Potter. 

In this crazy life of mine - I am really good at making things and getting the lettering done. I am not the greatest at the business side of things - numbers and projections and thinking ahead and all that jazz just aren't my thing. So, I decided that I should be a truly responsible (ish) business owner this summer and finally crack open some of the books I have been hoping to read to better my abilities as the boss. 

So, without further adieu - my summer reading list includes: Start With Why by Simon Sinek, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, and All Marketers Tell Stories, by Seth Godin.

Start With Why might be the book I am most excited about - mostly because I really like Simon and his Ted Talk (HERE) is maybe one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen. (Special thanks to my friend and fellow letterer & artist, Caroline of Made Vibrant, for introducing me to Sinek's work in her Branding course). I am looking forward to more of his inspiration in his book!

All Marketers Tell Stories by Seth Godin made the list because people ALWAYS talk about how his work changed they way they thought about everything. (Like, really, everything). Godin is an incredible influencer in the business world, and it was a toss up between All Marketers Tell Stories and his other (maybe most popular) book, Purple Cow. Chances are I'll end up reading Purple Cow after I finish All Marketers because people around me just won't shut up about it. Change my world, Seth, I am ready.

You might know Steven Pressfield from his other work - like the Legend of Bagger Vance - but it is his non-fiction that has caught my eye! Pressfield's book, The War of Art, is the one I chose to start reading first and he has already called me out on literally every method of self destruction in my personal arsenal. It's like he knows me and all the games I play to get out of doing the things I hate doing - rather annoying to be called out on your shit in the first 30 pages of a book - but I figure since he knows me so well, maybe he'll know how to fix me! I'm a TERRIBLE procrastinator (as in, I'm amazingly skilled at putting things off until the actual last minute) and Pressfield knows all my best moves. I'm looking forward to getting my shit together with his help!

Each of these books (and 100 more that I'll hopefully - eventually - read and share with you) was recommended to me by one or more fellow creative business owners, and I chose them because they are about being a better person, a better creative, a better boss, a better business. They are about growing as a creative and being someone who puts things of true value into the world.

They aren't "10 Slimy Ways to Trick People Into Buying What You're Selling" - because I never want that. I am not in the business of "selling" and I don't want to fool people into believing in me and what I am creating. I want people to believe in me and support me because I am creating something that is special, and unique, and brings a genuine smile to the faces of people who support me. I am always working to be a brighter light for those around me, and I am looking forward to the insight these books will hopefully offer.

I am really looking forward to these books and I will definitely share my thoughts on them once I've finished reading!

What are you reading this summer? Share your summer faves in the comments below!