(very official) state of affairs address for ink letter love 2019

Ooohkay. Let’s just dust some of the dust off over here...and hey! If you’re thinking, whoa, Corey hasn’t written a blog post in for-ev-er, you are correct. It’s been forever. I could tell you all of the amazing things that distracted me over the past year and kept my little fingers off of my keyboard - but it’s 2019 and I’m looking ahead! Let’s do this!

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So here we go - my State of Affairs Address for 2019 (this is obviously very official over here, in case you were wondering). Where I am, and more importantly - where this crazy train is headed for the next three hundred something days. My word for the year is SIMPLIFY. Somehow last year everything got way too complicated so we are stripping it back this year and focusing more on what matters - having fun, duh.

Ink Letter Love 2019

First, the STUDIO! Oh man, the studio is basically the best thing to ever happen to me and honestly, came into my life by the power of manifestation. Guys. Do not roll your eyes. This is the realist of real shit. Your mindset matters! Last year I said I wanted a creative space for me (preferably on the same property as my house) and we moved into our d r e a m house and yep, it has a studio. 650+ square feet of space for me to make all the messes. It is magical. If you haven’t stalked me on instagram lately, get on it - the studio is in my highlights and it is my favorite place. We can make a mess, we can have craft nights, we can turn the music up and have the best time ever, and I can have a workspace that is no longer my dining room table. It is a win-win! We started the year with a crafty vision board party and it was so fun to hear about the goals everyone was setting and to dream big about our lives with other creatives! I even created a free printable with inspiring words to help you envision your best year - so if you haven’t gotten your paws on it yet, check out the bottom of this post and get yours fo’ free! Get it, girl. And! If you have a banging idea for something fun to do in the studio? TELL ME! Let’s do it!!

Next, the Ink Letter Love shop. Currently, the shop is closed online and will be for a while. Here’s the real truth, friends, it stopped being fun. With all of the changes with Etsy and the way people sell things online, it became suffocating and took up so much of the time I would have liked to spend on other things. So for now, the shop is closed and will be until further notice. The whole point of starting my own business was to e n j o y life while creating and building and growing. I am getting back to that this year, and maybe sometime the shop will reopen, but I don’t have any concrete plans for that at this time. I am a little sad about not having a shop for a while, but I know I need to focus on my creativity right now, and this will help me have the time to do that. More on the shop later this year…

Ink Letter love Branding-4.jpg

Ok, now to custom lettering work. I LOVE working with you guys to bring some hand lettered magic into your lives, your weddings, & your homes. Seriously, it brings me so much joy. And even though last year I said I would scale back and say yes to fewer projects so I could actually come up for air, I didn’t. I overbooked myself and as a result got completely burnt out. This year, things are changing. Currently, I am only taking on a few client projects at a time and I am now booked through March. If you want to chat about a custom project, please reach out ahead of time. It honestly kills me to tell you guys no and I hate it - so book me in advance because then we all get to be super happy.

And last, and honestly most important because I am fucking p u m p e d about this, I am creating my online lettering class! Can you hear the angels singing and the birds chirping and the.. you get what I mean. Listen, Linda (honey) I said I was doing it last year and then apparently had a stroke or something and never got the balls to actually do it. Not this time kids. I have an awesome coach helping me bring it to life and I am here to tell you it will launch in March. Get. Fucking. Ready. I am launching a beginner lettering course that will blow your mind and I am just so excited to make all of you fall in love with letters and then force you to be my bestie. Sounds like the best time everrr!

So, there ya go. Times they are a changing, and I am so thrilled to be here with you, and to take the next steps in my business and my life and guys, it's going to be amazing. I’ll be chatting all things 2019 over on instagram tonight at 6pm at @inkletterlove - so pop on by and tell me what you are looking forward to in the new year!

Cheers to you and a year of awesomeness ahead!


p.s. - I created an awesome digital download full of actionable, inspiring words for you to use on YOUR 2019 vision board!

Snag yours now and start manifesting your best year yet!