Well, hello! July is a pretty badass month in my world because it is the month that Ink Letter Love was born! Summer, baby! This July will mark 2 years (2 already!?) since I jumped off the entrepreneur cliff, and luckily I haven’t hit too many rocks along the way! So, obviously we need to celebrate!

Last July I was honestly just grateful to survive. For some reason, tons of people felt the need to explain to me (with looks of deep concern) how most businesses fail in the first year. Dude, why? Literally, don’t say crap like that to people who are chasing a dream. Not cool. So last July, I felt like those people you see running through the tape at the end of a marathon, just thankful they are alive and done running. I made it. I didn’t fail and I paid all of my bills, woohoo!

This year, I wanted to excel. I felt like most of my big business owner tasks were under control (I was wrong) and I wanted to really narrow in on the things I LOVE doing. I wanted to take a few more risks, get out of my comfort zone, and build this business beyond what I did last year. So far, so good. I was hired to for weddings at two of my dream venues this year - The Flagler Museum and the Breakers - and had a more successful start to the spring wedding season. I was a vendor at Pinners Conference in Atlanta where the attendance was over 20K people (OMG guys, this was a crazy adventure - I’ll have to do a separate post on all of that!) and I exceeded my sales goals and met a ton of really amazing people! I also began licensing my artwork with a local art gallery and my work can now be found and purchased on Houzz, Overstock and Wayfair - which is like, WHAT?! Insane.

So now - we celebrate! I have a ton of fun goodies coming your way in July, including this brand spankin’ new blog! I am relaunching the Letter Lovers Newsletter on a new platform which will bring you all sorts of fun updates and freebies, including new digital backgrounds for your many devices! So, be sure to subscribe to keep up with all the fun!

There will also be CRAZY deals in the shop this month! Wine Down Wednesday is for sure happening and when you purchase 3 wine glasses on a Wednesday you will get one free, AND every Friday will be Free Ship Friday where you will receive free shipping on anything purchased on a Friday!! And because I super extra looove you, one lucky ducky will get an extra surprise in their shipment because each week in July, I will giveaway a goodie bag to one lucky customer from that week! I will randomly put some of my favorite things in your box with your purchase and, bonus, some of my very talented friends have thrown in some of their awesome stuff too, so you won’t want to miss this!!

I am just SO excited to be here and to live this crazy life because of you and I want to say thank you as much as I possibly can! Thank YOU! To everyone who follows along or comments or purchases things or hires me for their wedding or anything! I couldn’t (literally. could. not.) do this without your love and support and I am truly, bottom of my heart, tears in my eyes, give you the last bite of ice cream, thankful.