Well, hello!! Thanks for stopping by!


Welcome to Ink Letter Love!!

a tiny slice of the internet dedicated to creating hand-lettered awesomeness to make you smile!

I’m Corey! owner, artist, and head of snack breaks here at ink letter love! For as long as I can remember, I have been a lover of words and art - one day I started putting them together and I have never looked back!


I am so glad you’re here!!

The best part of running ink letter love is getting to know you - the amazing people who hire me to make their office, party, blank walls, and life more awesome! 

Guys, my job is pretty rad. I jump at any chance to draw words on things and I am super excited to hear more about how we can work together!

If I don’t have a pen in my hands and paint - well, everywhere, you can find me snuggling up to my sweet pug, June, or annoying my amazing husband, Matt. We live is sunny South Florida, and while I hate the heat, I couldn’t live without the sunshine!

Now that you’re here and our friendship is obviously meant to be, send me an email! Say hi, tell me a bad joke, or ask about some crazy lettering idea you want to bring to life! I can’t wait to chat!